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Addons (web-extensions) extends functionality of your web-browser.

My addons are Super Fast - build using TypeScript and Vanilla JavaScript ESNext

No ads.
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  • Yes that's right! I want to increase your productivity and keep you focused on your task.

Group Speed Dial

Download for:

Cloud Server

Group Speed Dial is not an ordinary speed dial. The goal is to provide fast and efficient access to many pages using groups.

The best part is that all dials are synchronized through cloud to all supported browsers.

  • online synchronization (and backup) between devices and browsers
  • cloud-dials - access your dials in every browser - even in your phone!
  • two clicks registration using your Google / Facebook / Twitter account
  • extremely lightweight and fast using vanilla ES6 JavaScript
  • secured with encrypted HTTPS connections
  • nested groups with up to 9x9 dials
  • local history for easy "undo"
  • free for personal use
  • search for dial
  • no ads
Pro features:
  • coming soon!
Go to GroupSpeedDial cloud and register with your Google / Facebook / Twitter

Scroll Anywhere


Download for:

Scroll Anywhere enables you to use scrollbar like behavior with your middle mouse button without actually touching a scrollbar. See the short video below (0:12).

Warning: very addictive!

  • grab and drag scrollbar using middle, right or left (experimental) mouse button
  • grab and drag page with custom multiplier - phone-like style
Known issues: - due to internal browser security or platform specific
  • disabled on "" in Firefox
  • disabled on "" in Chrome
  • disabled on "" in Opera
  • disabled on all browser specific pages like "about:addons" or "chrome://extensions"
  • disabled on any other extension page - like options page for another addon
  • in Linux when using Right mouse button, the context menu is shows with each click

Private Notes

Download for:

Private Notes gives you safe and encrypted place for your Top Secret notes!

  • Encrypted notes - all your notes are always stored encrypted!
  • End to End encryption - all transferred data are again encrypted thanks to Firefox Sync
  • No need to create additional account - Firefox Sync will handle everything
  • Advanced Text Editor - supports many advanced text features
  • Code highlight for many popular languages and configs
  • Compression - all notes are compressed to save space
  • Auto-lock - will help you keep your notes locked when you leave your PC
  • No Ads!

Auto Highlight

Download for:

Auto Highlight will automatically highlight defined words on defined pages.


Sometimes the page is just not designed well and the information you are looking for is not visible enough.

Common use-cases:
  • highlight metadata like: 1080p, HDR, UHD
  • hide words (font-size: 0) you can't stand anymore (covid-19? :D)
  • make that "download" link bigger

Movie Meter

Download for:

Movie Meter shows you movie rating and it's popularity on many movie-related pages. For TV Shows it finds information about Next / Previous episode.

  • movie rating and popularity
  • next / previous episode date
  • additional movie information
  • auto-hide when video detected
  • active development!
  • No Ads!

Warning: while it works perfect for most movies, it's not 100% - sometimes movie is not detected or even wrong movie is found. I will try to improve this over time.

Send Note to Device

Download for:

Send Note to Device allows you to send text messages (notes) between your browsers.

Currently the add-on uses Firefox Sync / Chrome Sync engine to transfer messages - this mean that you cannot send message from Firefox to Chrome.

Lack of Firefox Sync for add-ons on Android also means that there will be no Android version until I implement new synchronization using my own Cloud server.

Save my Password

Download for:

Save my Password will allow you to force Firefox to store your password on any page.

Why? Some login pages are designed in a way that your credentials are not stored by Firefox and you have to type them yourself every time.

Fast Firefox Send

Download for:

Fast Firefox Send is unofficial extension for the "Firefox Send" service to make it faster and better!

  • upload files directly from any page - using context menu
  • remember last expiration limits - "Expires after X download or Y days"
  • list of Uploaded files - history of last 100 uploaded files
  • access your uploads anywhere - Firefox Sync will sync your list of uploaded files
  • End to End encryption - both "Firefox Send" and "Firefox Sync" are encrypted!
  • No Ads!

"Fast Firefox Send" is not officially affiliated with Firefox™ or any Firefox™ products. Firefox™ is a registered trademark of Mozilla Foundation.

Send Tab to Device Enhancer

Download for:

Send Tab to Device Enhancer intercepts tabs send to this device (using "Send Tab to Device" feature in Firefox) and moves them to a separate window and then highlights it on your taskbar.

Rocker Gestures

Download for:

Rocker Gestures allows you to:

  • go Back - by holding Right mouse button and pressing Left mouse button
  • go Forward - by holding Left mouse button and pressing Right mouse button

This feature is known from Opera browser.

TabSync Pro

Download for:

Cloud Server

TabSync Pro allows you to view and manage tabs remotely on other devices. This is an early version, some important features are still missing.

  • thanks to Android version, you can now manage your Android tabs from your desktop!
  • cloud-tabs - access your tabs in every browser - even in your phone!
  • two clicks registration using your Google / Facebook / Twitter account
  • extremely lightweight and fast using vanilla ES6 JavaScript
  • secured with encrypted HTTPS connections
  • completely FREE
  • no ads
Go to TabSync Pro cloud and register with your Google / Facebook / Twitter
Hello, my name is Juraj Mäsiar. I'm professional programmer and I've quit my job to make some add-ons for you for free :)






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