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Addons (web-extensions) extends standard functionality of your browser.

We supports several browsers and even more will come.

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GroupSpeedDial is not an ordinary speed dial. The goal is to provide fast and efficient access to many pages using groups.

The best part is that all dials are synchronized through cloud to all supported browsers.

  • web-dials - access your dials in every browser - even in your phone!
  • online synchronization (and backup) with several browsers
  • extremely lightweight and fast using vanilla javascript
  • nested groups with up to 9x9 dials
  • local history for easy "undo"
  • free for personal use
  • search for dial
  • no ads
Pro features:
  • thumbnails upload / download - you can have same thumbnails in every browser
  • thumbnails in web-dials - even in your phone!


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ScrollAnywhere enables you to use scrollbar like behavior with your middle (or right) mouse button without actually touching scrollbar. Just hold middle button and move mouse up-down or left-right.